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Posted on June 3, 2024

Catholic Care for Children Malawi hosts pioneering child protection case management training in Dowa

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Catholic Care for Children Malawi (CCCM) recently organised an intensive Child Protection Case Management training session to enhance the skills and knowledge of child welfare practitioners. Held at Thope-Mponela from May 27th to June 1st, 2024, the training brought together 30 dedicated participants from various districts including Chikwawa, Chiladzulo, Zomba, Balaka, Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Rumphi, and Karonga.

Group photo of participants and facilitators at the training venue with Sr. Rabecca Mathole, CCC National Program Director

The event saw an impressive assembly of nuns and government social welfare officers who manage Catholic Church-supported childcare institutions. The primary goal of the training was to equip these professionals with the essential knowledge and skills required for effective case management, particularly focusing on reintegrating children into their communities and families.

In her opening remarks, the Director of CCCM emphasized the importance of the training, urging participants to make the most of this opportunity. “Listen and grasp the knowledge and skills being imparted here, as they are crucial in your everyday work,” she advised. She highlighted the critical role that collaboration between government social welfare officers and the sisters play in the success of child assessments, household evaluations, and the development of comprehensive case plans.

The training covered a range of key topics designed to enhance the effectiveness of child protection practices. Participants engaged in interactive sessions on initial child assessments, methods for conducting thorough household assessments, and strategies for developing and implementing case plans. These sessions aimed to ensure that participants could better identify and address the underlying issues faced by vulnerable children.

One of the focal points of the training was the reintegration of children. Participants learned about the importance of a holistic approach that includes not just the immediate needs of the child, but also their long-term well-being. The sessions underscored the necessity of creating a supportive environment that facilitates the child’s return to family and community life, emphasizing continuity in education, emotional support, and social integration.

Training session in progress, participants engaging in group discussions and activities.

The CCCM Director also underscored the necessity for sustained cooperation between the government and religious institutions in addressing child protection issues. “The collaboration between government social welfare officers and the sisters is vital,” she stated. “By working together during initial assessments and the formulation of case plans, we can ensure a more comprehensive approach to solving the problems these children face.”

Participants expressed their gratitude for the training, acknowledging its importance in enhancing their professional capabilities. Many highlighted the interactive nature of the sessions and the practical knowledge gained, which they intend to apply in their respective districts.

Participants sharing their experiences and feedback during the closing session

As the training concluded on June 1st, the participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and a toolkit of strategies to improve their child protection efforts. The CCCM hopes that this training will not only improve case management practices but also foster stronger collaboration between various stakeholders involved in child welfare.

The CCCM’s commitment to child protection and welfare remains steadfast, as evidenced by this significant initiative. The organization continues to strive towards creating safer and more supportive environments for children across Malawi, ensuring that every child’s right to a loving and nurturing upbringing is upheld.

For more information about CCCM and their initiatives, please contact their office at awrimsecretariat1@gmail.com

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