A UISG project since 2020.
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UISG Catholic Care for Children International

Who We Are

We are a global network of Catholic Sisters transforming the care of children who are separated from their families or at risk of separation.

Working together to improve the lives of children and families

Catholic Care for Children International is a growing global network of Catholic Sisters who are setting aside institutional approaches to caring for children in favor of family- and community-based care. CCCI provides a place of collaboration, where network partners share knowledge and support each other as they create and implement effective models of care. CCCI also reaches out to build awareness about the importance of family-centered care and to invite religious institutes with a charism of care to become part of the Catholic Care for Children network.

Catholic Care for Children Partners

Partners in the CCCI global network include national associations of religious and religious institutes of Catholic Sisters with a charism of care for children who are at risk of or are separated from their families. The CCCI network enables partners to connect with each other and share information, ideas, and resources. Partners work together through CCCI to develop best practices and models of care that are adaptable to local cultures and national child care laws.  

International Union of Superiors General  

Catholic Care for Children International is a project of the International Union of Superiors General. UISG provides a place for leaders of religious institutes of women around the world to meet in an ecclesial setting. UISG aims to build bridges and develop networks to create ways for religious sisters to communicate across geographical distances and different languages and cultures in order to be in communion with one another and build a global community together. UISG provides a space and forum for its members to pool experiences, exchange information, and mentor and encourage one another as leaders in their congregations, in the larger society, and in the Church.

Sister Niluka Perera, RGS, is the UISG Coordinator of Catholic Care for Children. She has extensive experience in ministry among vulnerable children and adults and is committed to the transformation of care.