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UISG Catholic Care for Children International

Our Mission

Catholic Care for Children International (CCCI) supports the visionary movement led by Catholic Sisters to ensure that children grow up in safe, nurturing families.

Responding to God’s call to love and serve those in need

Catholic Sisters have for centuries responded to God’s call to love and serve those in greatest need. Their response today is transforming the lives of children and families–and of the Sisters themselves. 

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The mission of Catholic Care for Children International is to assist religious institutes with a charism of care to read the signs of the times and provide the best care possible for children and vulnerable persons, by reducing recourse to institutional care and encouraging family and community-based care for children.


Catholic Care for Children envisions a world where every child grows up in a nurturing family environment. The vision is guided by the biblical mandate to care for the most vulnerable and is animated by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, especially the dignity of each person. 

This vision aligns with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which seeks to protect the rights of children, including their right to grow up in a safe, loving family. The vision is informed by social science research demonstrating the importance of family for a child’s healthy development over the lifespan.

A family for every child.

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