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UISG Catholic Care for Children International

Locations and Programs

Catholic Care for Children provides care in over 200 locations and programs in three countries. Our commitment to a family for every child has resulted in hundreds of children now living in a family environment instead of an institution.

Catholic Sisters are emerging as leaders of care reform for children

Based on their expertise, our partners have created models of care that are adaptable to various locations and cultures so as to help others on the journey of care reform. This includes education of Sisters in social work to equip them with the professional skills and knowledge needed in the new approaches to care.

Catholic Care for Children International reaches out to national associations of religious and religious institutes to explore and invite partnership in the CCCI network. We anticipate expansion of the Catholic Care for Children movement into a number of countries in the coming months.

By the numbers

Children now living in families instead of institutions
Sisters have been educated as social workers
Religious institutes of Sisters participating in Catholic Care for Children
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