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Family for Every Child

Have you completed the Moving Towards Family Solutions Course and want to dive into working with families in more depth? Join Sisters worldwide to explore HOW to support families so children can thrive.

Content Details

This online course consists of 6 content and training modules focused on serving children in families.  Each module consists of self-paced coursework to be completed before live discussion sessions.  Both self-paced coursework and live sessions are required to complete the course.

Time Commitment

Self-paced coursework will require 2-3 hours each week, followed by 2-hour live discussion sessions.

Ideal Participants

Sisters around the world who:

How It Works

  1. Apply.  Use the button below to access the application. 
  2. Review. Each application will be reviewed before the next course section.
    1. Some candidates may be added right away.  
    2. Some candidates will be added to a waiting list and considered for future course sections.  
    3. Some candidates may be a better fit for other opportunities.
  3. Register.  If you are selected for the course, you will be sent a welcome email with information about how to register for the course.

Course Content

Each module will include proven principles, examples, reflection and synthesis, and connection with other leaders.

Module 1: Family Options for Every Child

What family care options exist for children?

Module 2: Family Case Management

What is the actual process of supporting children in families?

Module 3: Finding Families

How do we find safe families for children?

Module 4: The Placement Process

How do we prepare children and families for a successful placement?

Module 5: Family Strengthening & Support

How do we support families and help them thrive?

Module 6: Family Monitoring & Support

How do we ensure families are healthy and stable long-term?

Frequently asked questions:

What time are classes?

All meetings will be on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM GMT for 2 hours.  See what time that is in your time zone here.

What dates are the classes?

The Family for Every Child course is offered on a rolling basis.  You can apply anytime to be added to the waiting list and informed of the next class dates.  You can find upcoming dates listed in the application.

How do I apply for the class?

You can apply for the class at any time by completing this form.  Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed by a selection committee.  If you are selected as a participant for the next course, you will receive an email about how to register for the online learning platform.  You will be added to the waiting list if you are not selected for the next course.

Do I need to work for a children’s home for this class to benefit me?

Not necessarily.  Those working for a children’s home will be specially prepared to complete this course.  However, if you are on the board of a children’s home, are in leadership over a group of children’s homes, are currently working to change the child welfare system in your region to support family care for children, or have another particular interest in care for vulnerable children and families, this course may be a fit.  There is a section in the application to describe your interest in the course.

Does this course have a certificate?

Yes, students that successfully complete the course requirements will receive a certificate.

What do I need to do prior to the course?

As soon as you are invited to the course, you will need to register on the course platform and join the course Whatsapp group.  Instructions for both of these will be included in the welcome email.

Will this course have homework?

Yes, this course will have 2-3 hours of homework per week.

How much does this course cost?

CCCI is pleased to offer this course at no cost to qualified applicants committed to completing all course requirements.

Will this course meet in person?

This course will have weekly live discussions with all participants, but all interactions will occur online. 

I would like to take the course, but I would miss some of the live sessions.  Should I still apply?

Participants should plan to attend all live sessions.  Please keep in mind there is limited space for each course.  If you know you will need to miss a session; please wait to take the course so that another Sister can have your spot.  However, you can apply and note the dates in conflict as part of the application.  You will then be added to the wait list and considered for future courses.

What kind of technology does this course require?

This course is entirely internet-based.  You will need internet consistent enough to sustain audio via the internet.  Sustained video capability is strongly recommended.  If you live or work in a place with limited internet, we encourage you to work to identify a nearby location such as a church, NGO, business, home, or internet cafe with a better connection that would allow you to participate more fully.  

Although phones may work to participate in parts of the course, computers or tablets are strongly recommended.  Coursework includes typing, and live sessions will include a variety of interactive exercises.  Again, if you don’t own a computer or laptop, see whether it might be possible to borrow one for the course duration.