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UISG Catholic Care for Children International

Fundraising for Change Course

Empower Your Fundraising Efforts and Transition to Family-Based Care with Confidence

Join a community of dedicated individuals committed to shifting to family-based care models. Our comprehensive course equips you with the skills needed to enhance fundraising efforts and engage donors effectively.

Course Overview

10 Weeks of Transformative Learning

Our ten-week journey covers everything from the basics of fundraising to advanced strategies:

Time Investment

Who Should Enroll?

To enroll in this course, all students must complete the Moving toward Family Solutions course, except for members of CCCU, CCCK, CCCZ, CCCM, and CCCSL.

This course is ideal for those who:

Enrollment Process

  1. Apply: Fill out the application form.
  2. Review: Applications are vetted before each new course cycle.
  3. Register: Selected applicants will receive registration details via email.

Commitment to Success

This course is free to dedicated participants, and successful completion is awarded with a certificate. Join us in paving the way for a brighter future for children and families.

Are you ready to be the change?

Apply now and take the first step towards empowering yourself and transforming lives, including your own.

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