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Posted on May 16, 2024

2024 Webinar: “TRANSFORMING CHILDCARE / Global religious communities leading the way” – part 1

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 Thursday, July 11, 2024

2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Rome time (CEST)


Online Zoom Webinar

LANGUAGES : English – French – Italian – Spanish

Scripture and science both affirm that children need families. Families are uniquely suited to provide the love, nurture, security and advocacy that children need to thrive. Yet around the world, millions of children live in institutions, separated from the care of their families. Increasingly, residential care programmes are shifting their service models to support children in families. Religious communities around the world are committed to finding the best possible care for children in institutions and to preventing the separation of children from their families.

In this series of webinars, religious communities from around the world will share what inspired them to transform care and share their best practices with others.


Sr. Azarias Arokia Mary Selvi FMA, Directress of NDF - National Development Forum, a network of FMA development and resource mobilization organizations and the FMA institutions

She believes that, “Impactful strategies that are innovative, transformative and inclusive change lives”. Through her 20 years of experience in the field of developmental work she strives for a society where everyone has equal rights and opportunities for growth. Upholding child rights and empowering them through various movements, Neighbouring Children Parliament and advocacy initiatives have been an area of great interest. Ensuring a happy and safe childhood has been a pivotal area where efforts in networking with schools, local leaders and organization heads have been achieved. Her accomplishments in the work with the marginalized and vulnerable have always been synergistic involving local government departments, community leaders, women, youth and children as partners.

Sr. Maria Socorro Pilar G. Evidente, DC, fondly called by her community, family and friends as Sr. Corrie

Sr. Maria Socorro Pilar Evidente is a member of the Company of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul for 53 years now. She is the Superintendent of the Social Welfare and Development Ministry of the DC Province of St. Louise de Marillac-Asia (comprising 9 countries: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines). In this role, she supervises the programs and services of their social service institutions/centres towards the accomplishment of the Congregation’s Vision-Mission and apostolic priorities. As such, she is the prime mover of the Philippine mission’s efforts to move Children towards Family Solutions. She is also the Safeguarding Officer of their Provincial Commission for the Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults from all forms of abuse and is actively involved with the safeguarding efforts of the Conference of Major Superiors of the Philippines.

Bro. Nicholus Nuwagira, religious Brother from the Institute of the Bannakaroli Brothers (Brothers of St Charles Lwanga)
Currently administrator of St. Mugagga Boys Home located in the Diocese of Jinja, Eastern part of Uganda. 
He hold Bachelors Degree in Child Development and Protection, Diploma in Social work and Social Administration all from the University of Kisubi. 
For the 7 years working in Child Care institution, he has been able to help many children to be reintegrated to families and communities.
Currently working on repurposing of St. Mugagga Boys Home to put in use empty many buildings and free space mainly in empowering teenage and single mothers with skills to enable them ably provide for their babies and prevent child abandonment and neglect that they are more susceptible of.
Sister Mwalula Yvonne Mwila, (Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary)

Sr Yvonne entered the Congregation in 1997. She studied at Uxbridge College from 2000 to 2001 in the UK. After making her first Vows she was missioned to El Salvador, where she obtained a Diploma in Special Education. 

Back to Zambia in 2006, Sr Yvonne obtained a Certificate in Primary Education. She pursued her Bachelor of Science in Project Management–BScPM in 2012. As an Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Education Coordinator in ‘Mbala–Zambia, she set up a Chele Community School and a Special School. She holds Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation and an International Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies. In 2014, she gained her MA in Business Administration. She has been running the SSHJM-HID Programme as a Country Representative for the past 6 years and was Director for the Bauleni Special Needs Project for 5 years.

Sr Yvonne has been the Unit (Regional) Leader for 7 years in Zambia and Country representative/Director for the two Projects in Zambia. Currently, her role as a Councillor (Mission Development Director) in the  Leadership Team is to support all the Congregational Mission Projects in different countries.

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